Procedure and fees with respect to the purchase of property in Cyprus

Cyprus is a great choice whether you are considering to purchase a property for relocation, investment, retirement or as [...]

Debt Collection in Cyprus and Internationally

The global economic crisis has also been extended to Cyprus and to the financial transactions taking place in Cyprus. Nowadays, liquidity is a [...]

Abolition of Bank Guarantees

According to the recent amendment of the Aliens and Immigration Law, which took place on  6.12.2019, the requirement for employers [...]

Cyprus Redomiciliation – A Global Solution

Cyprus Law permits the so-called “re-domiciliation” process allowing a company to transfer its “seat” of incorporation into, or out of [...]

Do You Have a Personal Injury Claim?

Involved in an accident? Are you aware of your legal rights in Cyprus? Personal Injury is a term used for [...]

Residency of European Nationals in Cyprus

Are you a European Union member and you are planning to stay, work or even remain as a visitor [...]

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