In September 2019, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus announced that Cyprus had started the process of joining the Schengen Membership Zone which will complete in 2023. In case the European Union member states wish to join the Schengen Visa Scheme, all of them are required to apply so that the evaluation process can start.

There is a number of requirements that member states must meet which Cyprus meets.

What is Schengen?

The Schengen Zone is a border checks-free zone allowing free movement for nearly all European Union citizens and third-country nationals who have a Schengen Visa. People can travel from one country to another without the need for a passport check or other formalities.

Citizens of third countries, i.e. non-EU-citizens, travelling to Europe have the possibility to apply for a Schengen Visa which allows them to travel to any member state for up to 90 days.

Not all EU nations are included in the Schengen agreement: Cyprus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, and Ireland. Also, some are in the Zone without being EU member countries: Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.

Benefits of joining Schengen Information System (SIS)

Cyprus is about to join the Schengen Information System on the 25th of July 2023. The Schengen Information System is a key compensatory measure for the abolition of internal border checks. The SIS, therefore continues to play a crucial role in facilitating the free movement of people within the Schengen zone. In particular, SIS is a large database being shared between EU Member States to maintain public security, support police and judicial cooperation and manage external border control. SIS contains extensive information regarding persons and objects, including personal data.

It is noted that SIS allows competent national authorities to issue and consult alerts on persons who may have been involved in a serious crime or may not have the right to enter or stay in the EU. It also contains alerts on missing persons –children – as well as information on certain property, such as banknotes, vehicles, cars, vans, firearms, and identity documents, that may have been stolen, misappropriated and/or lost.

Cyprus will have long-term benefits by entering the Schengen Zone which are many and add to the value of an investment in Cyprus, be it a luxury house or an apartment.

  1. Strengthening of its Security

One of the main benefits that Cyprus will gain is the strengthening of its security and enhancing its cooperation with other EU Member States. By joining the SIS, Cyprus will have to opportunity to share information and work together with other member states, making Europe a safer place for everyone.

  1. Increased ease of transportation of goods

Shipping goods within the Schengen Zone has become much easier and quicker. The speed of transportation has increased significantly and contributes to making transportation much cheaper, but it also allows for easier transportation of perishable or time-sensitive goods.

  1. Ease of travel

Travelling within European Union has become much easier within the Schengen Zone. Without any border limits, and little concern regarding visas or passports, the system is pretty simple, and people have the opportunity to travel freely. Even for those travelling from outside the Schengen Zone to within it, travel became easier with the common visa system making travel far less complicated. For Cyprus, this will be a boon for business travelers, and it will make the country a tourism center.

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